Have you ever been in a class trip, where your teacher didn’t make the sightseeing bus mandatory? Of course not! It’s written in the ancient book of tourism: when you travel to a densely populated area, for the sole purpose of pleasure, you are obligated by custom to ride a ridiculously painted vehicle around the place, no matter what. But what if this obligatory program would be fun?

Our crew at Cruisin is always looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our guests, so we regularly ask for feedback. Just this May, we had the pleasure to welcome Erik from Denmark on our board, who was kind enough to share his feelings after the ride.

To be honest, at first I was a little sceptic about this tour, a “boat party” sounded like a wannabe rapper’s idea of a cool music video, to me. Besides, I’ve been in Budapest for four days, and I felt, I’ve seen everything worthy so far… thanks God, this ship hasn’t sailed already, and my friends dragged my along. Now I can’t believe I would miss such a party!

We arrived at 2:30 p.m., and the party had already taken off by then. I was wondering how long it’s gonna last, but as people slowly gathered, the fun went on and on. I’ve checked out my fellow travelers, and most of them were like me: adventurous, fun-loving boys and girls everywhere. There were youth form all around the world, but I’ve met with some locals as well. To my big surprise, not everyone was a tourist: exchange students, and fellas, who just moved there… I guess Budapest is cosmopolitan city after all. The weirdest dudes were the bunch of cosplaying (and slightly drunk) Brits on a bachelor party. Think whatever you want about them, but they really kick started the party, and so the boat departed.

Hard to describe how “exquisite” you feel, when you pass by the Buda Castle on the sundeck, with a glass of champagne in your hand… sightseeing like a sir. The inside of the boat was a surprising combination of many starred elegance and a hipster coffee joint. Bean bags. Bean bags everywhere. Guess that makes a boat into a party boat.

All along the trip, the river was calm beneath us, I haven’t even felt like I’m on water at all. My friend Ivor was afraid of sea sickness, but his concerns disappeared on arrival. If you’re afraid of stepping on a boat… don’t!

The music was cool, the usual mix of electro, dubstep and dance. The party reached its peak when we returned to Budapest, I mean the out of city part with the nature and everything was OK as well, but man, the city lights at night… merely thinking about it takes my heart skip a beat. And the real surprise came shortly before we arrived, but enough with the spoilers already!

Best wishes, Erik